The goal of all instructional programs of Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy from our 3 year old Nursery Program to Grade Eight is to prepare our students to meet the academic requirements of high school and college as well as the challenges of the future. Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy follows a rigorous academic program that meets the high standards. We recognize that today’s students must be equipped with the intellectual tools and abilities to meet the demands of an ever changing world.

All students at Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy are given the opportunity to develop their talents in a caring and nurturing environment. The focus on listening, writing, organizational and study skills promotes students’ ability to comprehend, analyze and synthesize knowledge across the curriculum. We place an emphasis on interdisciplinary learning with students on all grade levels employing computers, tablets and SMARTBoards for both class and school wide projects.

The Arts hold a prominent position in the academic life of Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy. The music instruction is offered from Pre-K to Grade 8 and is enhanced by Children’s Choir as an enrichment program. The Art Program incorporates art history and project art.
The comprehensive education offered at Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy prepares our students to be lifelong learners who will be successful in their personal as well as professional lives.


Our full – day three year old program is designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. It provides spiritual, emotional, social, physical, and intellectual growth. The program is comprised of religion, language, social development, play, art, music, motor skill development and math readiness. The teachers work lovingly with the students to provide a feeling of safety for their young students while providing learning that is hands on and fun.

Pre – K
Our full – day four year old program provides a nurturing environment where children discover the many joys of learning. The teachers provide not only an academically rich program with a focus on literacy, but help to make the children’s first experience with school a positive one. Special activities are worked into the program that include field trips, community service projects, physical education, and library time. The teachers explore the unique learning style of each child in order to more effectively guide them through the learning process. The classroom is a truly magical place for these four year olds, where the sound of excitement and laughter is very common. Much growth takes place through this program that is evidenced by the children’s academic, spiritual and social development.

Our Kindergarten program is a full day, five day a week program. The academic focus is on primary education of literacy and mathematics, and while the classroom is academically motivated, the teacher is ever mindful of the social and spiritual growth of these young students. The classroom methods that are used to assist developing readers in attaining the necessary milestones include whole class instruction, grouping, learning centers and books on tape. The teacher strives to provide a safe and nurturing environment where children can discover the joy of learning. The teacher encourages these young minds to imagine, create, explore and rejoice in their successes. They impart the warmth that comes from the realization that we are greatly loved by God and that we are indeed all children of God. We strive to make the children confident in their abilities, which is an important first step in their academic success throughout the educational process.

All educational programs at Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy are rooted in the belief that the basis for all learning is both spiritual and intellectual. The lay faculty of Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy passes on the Sisters of Charity’s foundation of truth, prayer, common life, mission and praise. Religion instruction adheres to The Seed is the Word of God curriculum guide for each grade level.

Students are active members of our parish faith community, attending weekly First Friday and seasonal Liturgies and prayer services. Students participate in annual devotional activities such as the Rosary Rally, Stations of the Cross, and May Crowning. The Sacramental Program of Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy is coordinated along with the Our Lady of the Angelus Parish Religious Education. The importance of service to one’s community is fostered through participation that sponsors food, clothing and financial charitable drives throughout the school year.

The Math and Science Programs at Our Lady of the Angelus Catholic Academy adhere to New York State Common Core Learning Standards that promote the critical thinking skills of our students enabling them to meet the challenging standards that they will encounter in high school. Opportunities to develop students’ STEM abilities are incorporated into weekly lessons. Science experiment materials are available on all grade levels.

The Math Program adheres to the standards of the Common Core Learning Standards and provides the foundation that enables our graduates to perform at the highest levels on High School State Regents and SAT Exams.

The English/Language Arts instructional program adheres to the standards of the Common Core Curriculum. Lessons are structured to promote higher order critical thinking skills. Classes are scheduled to allot appropriate time to basic grammar and mechanical skills, spelling and vocabulary, listening, writing and reading, handwriting, and in upper grades, public speaking.

Our reading program in Pre-K to Second Grade is the SuperKids Reading series. SuperKids is a comprehension program that incorporates phonics and writing skills along with SmartBoards applications. The Reading Street series is employed in Grades Three through Five. The program infuses an introduction to a literature based approach in reading instruction. Reading instruction in Grades Six to Eight is literature based with a focus on short stories and novels, including non-fiction that prepare our students for the requirements of the high school English curriculum they will encounter.

All ELA instruction incorporates an interdisciplinary approach that enables students to apply knowledge across all curriculum areas in their reading and writing assignments.