Registration Requirements

Please call the Academy office to make an appointment to register your child.

Pre-K3: Child must be 3 years old by 12/31/2016
Pre-K: Child must be 4 years old by 12/31/2016
Kindergarten: Child must be 5 years old by 12/31/2016
Grade 1: Child must be 6 years old by 12/31/2016

Forms Required for Registration:
1. Completed Application
2. Application Fee – $25.00
3. Original Birth Certificate
4. Immunization Record
5. Baptismal Certificate if child is Roman Catholic
6. Copy of most recent Report Card
7. Copy of most recent Standardized Test Results – i.e. NYS Exam
8. Copy of I.E.S.P. (if applicable)
9. Registration Fee of $275.00

In addition, we would like you to begin the registration process by filling out this online application. Click here to begin an application for your child.